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Building your first GPU mining rig

Building your first GPU mining rig

Let’s get started building your miner

Assembly is relatively quick but you should spare yourself a few hours if you’re new to this. Youtube videos on “how to build a computer” will be extremely helpful if you want a visual guide on assembly however I will lay the steps out the best I can in a text format. I’ll also put some recommended videos at the bottom that will help you better understand the assembly process.

Motherboard Assembly

Only 4 components will go into the booting of your motherboard (mobo). You should reference the mobo manual to ensure you understand the plugs and ports your mobo will utilize during assembly.

  1. Processor – follow the included instructions of your processor to insert it into the motherboard. Be extremely careful doing this as you do not want to insert it incorrectly and damage it. Once installed, apply a dab of thermal paste on top if your CPU fan does not include any on it. Some processors include thermal paste in a small package or already applied to the included fan (if included).
  2. Install the CPU fan on top of the processor and plug it into the cpu header. (your mobo manual should list this 4 pin location)
  3. Insert the RAM to the ram slot(s). Be sure to read your mobo manual to see which order of ports you should use as they can vary depending on how many ram sticks you are using.

SSD Assembly

This is easy, simply use the provided SATA cable to plug it into your mobo. Consult your mobo manual to see which of the sata ports is the first to use.

Let there be light

Now that your motherboard is assembled you can attach it to your rig case (or just set it on the mobo box as some do). We now need to power it up so we can boot it up.

  1. If you plug your PSU into the wall, ensure it is turned off so you are not sending power to components when plugging them in.
  2. Connect your 24 pin connector to the motherboard from the PSU. This is typically labeled on the cords themselves depending on the brand of your PSU. However, you will only have one 24 pin connector therefore you can’t really mix it up.
  3. Next you need to power the CPU. Typically this plug is labeled as CPU however if it is not, simply refer to your mobo manual to see where your CPU power plug is located.
  4. Your SSD will also need power therefore you will want to run a SATA power connector from the PSU to your SSD. Typically your sata power connectors contain 3-4 sata power plugs as theyre meant to power multiple drives.

Operating System

Before you begin connecting your GPUs, you should install an operating system and ensure all of your components are properly working. This will help cut out later troubleshooting if things are failing.

How to install windows on a GPU miner

When everything is working properly you are ready to move onto configuring windows and your bios.

Helpful videos

VoskCoin did a detailed 20 minute video on the entire process including some tips along the way.

Skip to around the 25 minute mark as this is when the installation actually begins

Here is a step by step guide using an AMD board.