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Safe Temperatures for Mining

What are safe temperatures for mining?

When you’re mining, you’re pushing your graphics cards to the intense limit in their capabilities. There are several risks involved if you are working at an excessive temperature, however what’s considered too high of a temperature?

By means of running too hot you are clearly decreasing the lifespan of your cards and voiding the warranty. During these high temperatures, you are running the fans beyond their expected load, 24/7. Fans are more prone to failure over the life of your card and a failing fan can result in the card shutting down or overheating.

Recommended mining temps

0 – 55°C

  • Safe – At these temps, your cards are either warming up, under performing, or you are over cooling them (which isn’t a bad thing).

56 – 71°C

  •  Safe – This zone is the optimal zone to keep your cards safe and performing at their highest potential.

72 – 89°C

  • Warning – Your graphics card is running safely on the low side of this limit however it will begin to degrade performance and you should see about better cooling or underclocking your cards before it begins underclocking for you.


  • DANGER ZONE – Permanent damage is occurring to your cards at this point that may not be covered under your factory warranty. Prep the fire extinguisher if temps continue to rise.

Proper Cooling

Cooling is essential in properly running your rig.

  • Graphics Card Spacing – Ensure your cards are properly spaced apart. Typically 2.5″ is a good start. Having cards too close together does not allow cool air to flow between the cards which will cause your graphics card to constantly take in hot air from the card next to it.
  • Fans – Increase your card fan speeds up to 75% to help intake more air to help cool things off. Adding fans to your case can also benefit your rig by exhausting hot air away and bringing in new, cooler air.
  • Ambient Temperature – Hot rooms aren’t helping your intake as you’re just pulling in more hot air to push out even hotter air. You should look into exhausting hot air in the room to the outside with the use of exhaust fans, open windows, or other means.


Lower the power you are using in a program such as MSI Afterburner. You won’t ever need 100% so try lowering this to around 65-75%.